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Window Perf See-Through Clear Decals – ATW / Advertising That Works, Inc.

Window Perf See-Through Clear Decals


Perforated Window Vinyl is a 6-mil printable film for producing see-through window graphics that can attract attention and generate increased store traffic. Also known as Window Perf, it is designed to be applied to the exterior of your window and viewed from the outside. The 60% printable area, 40% open area pattern, and 1.6mm hole size is an ideal combination for producing eye-catching prints that do not obstruct visibility through the window.

To adhere to windows, perforated window film has a black sticky side designed to trick the inside observer’s eyes into seeing only what’s happening outside.  But the most important deception occurs when an outside passer-by sees the graphics printed on film that covers only 50% of the window.  Your brain fills in the holes, making the graphics appear solid.  Literally half of the window image is made of empty holes. Of course, it helps the illusion when the images are printed using bright, vivid colors.

When you put Window Perf onto your car, truck, or company vehicle, you turn your automobile into a rolling advertisement. It is typically seen in the back windows of trucks or in large windows of car dealerships. Anyone can view your company’s name and logo wherever your vehicle is, exposing your business to thousands of potential customers.


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